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Reed Deshler

AlignOrg Solutions

Reed Deshler

Reed Deshler is an organization design practice leader who has worked with leaders in many top organizations including General Electric, 3M, Benjamin Moore Paints, Southern California Edison, Consumers Energy, Hertz, Black & Veatch, TVNZ, American Family Insurance, and Honeywell toclarify strategy, align organization choices, and manage change.

Reed has facilitated numerous strategic and tactical planning processes for SBUs and BUs leading to significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. Reed has led major organization redesigns with

General Electric, 3M, Benjamin Moore Paints, Consumers Energy, Hertz, American Family Insurance, and Black & Veatch. Reed has helped organizations understand and make significant design changes by highlighting the linkages between the strategy and the choices and trade-offs needed. Reed worked and lived in Japan and has conducted both training and large-scale change in Asia.

Prior to joining AlignOrg Solutions, Reed worked as an internal organization development professional, operations leader and change agent. Reed held significant positions at Humana Inc. and Farmland Industries, Inc. At Humana, Reed led a large, 500-seat incoming-call customer service center. In addition, Reed earned the CIAC-Certified Strategic Leader designation.

Examples of his work include the following:

  • Back-office redesign of global IT, HR, Finance, and Procurement functions to enable efficiencies through the design of shared service centers and outsourcing and specialization through centers of expertise
  • Facilitation of strategic planning efforts on behalf of multiple business units
  • Design and implementation of human resource evaluation and placement processes
  • Redesign of global sales organization for Fortune 50 company
  • Integration of three business units to improve capture of projects in expanding markets
  • Realignment of customer service organization around market/customer segments
  • Restructuring of IT organization at both macro and micro levels to align with the company’s growth strategies
  • Coordination of all change management activities related to the implementation of SAP within a $1.3 billion business unit.
  • Design and implementation of processes and work systems for sales, marketing, operations, human resources, training, safety, regulatory affairs, order fulfillment, etc.
  • Leadership of quality improvement projects and creation of an internal corporate educational program based on needs identification

In addition to his organization design work, he has worked to bring the change and transition management principles and tools used in businesses to the education setting and is co-author of a chapter addressing change in schools and districts in the recently published book “Informed Choices
for Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Research-based Guide to Instructional Programs and Practices.” Reed has a Master’s degree in Organization Behavior from Brigham Young University and
a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the same institution.